What is a Health Coach?

Health coaches partner with clients to enhance wellbeing through individualized, self-directed, and lasting behavior change while honoring the client’s values, innate wisdom, and personal health goals.

Why is Health Coaching Valuable?

Research has demonstrated 85% of chronic illness is predominantly related to lifestyle factors and environment, not genetics or lack of medical advancement [1]. 

A few obstacles when it comes to implementing and maintaining lifestyle changes are knowing how to start, sustaining motivation, and recognizing positive support systems. Health coaches are trained to help clients make healthy lifestyle choices and overcome barriers on their wellness journey. 

Health coaches help clients connect the dots between who they are and who they want to be, and take the incremental steps that will enable them to succeed in their desired changes. These changes lead to a higher level of health and wellbeing.

How a Health Coach can Help You Reach Your Wellness Goals

Many people find that working with a health coach helps them to discover personalized solutions to optimize the success of their treatment plan. Health coaching gets to the heart of what providing good health care is about: acceptance, partnership, compassion, and helping patients feel empowered, respected, and heard. 

Health coaches are skilled at supporting their clients when change is difficult. They use a patient-driven approach, which helps people discover their intrinsic motivation and develop strategies for change and overcome uncertainty. 

Instead of issuing a diagnosis, your coach will work closely with you to:

  • Help you see your vision for your life of optimal wellbeing
  • Ask powerful questions to help you gain insights into how you can achieve change
  • Collaborate in the creation of achievable goals
  • Act as an accountability partner

Most importantly, a health coach becomes your personal partner in health. You, as their client, are the primary focus and your health coach is always going to offer the personalized support you need. 

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Remember that our gastrointestinal tract is the first point of contact between the internal and external environment, most often through the food we eat. This is the point at which our body evaluates what’s coming in, differentiating “helpful” from “harmful,” and continually responds to prevent or correct further damage to our cells. Our immune system will respond accordingly, in an effort to keep us functioning and to maintain vitality throughout our body. Hence, the fact that more than 70% of our immune system resides in the gut is brilliant! 

You can also think of it this way: the food we eat provides the nutrients that are necessary for our bodies, like perfectly matched puzzle pieces. The food we eat each day has the potential to provide our bodies with what they need to grow and thrive. However, we also have access to food products that contain “pieces” that may not fit quite right.  

Our food can also be contaminated with particles that aren’t really food at all, such as added chemicals, dyes, preservatives, and even microplastics [1]. Though our bodies are incredibly resilient and can manage many different types of foods and food-like-products, we can’t deny the profound connection between what we eat and what happens inside the body as a result. This understanding should help shift us away from a “calories in, calories out,” dieting mindset. Instead, we should be focusing on how well we’re nourishing our bodies, removing the harmful substances, and supporting function, which is a key in healing from illness as well as living with vitality. 

Healing the gut with nutrition, and sometimes personalized supplements, offers a strategic starting point to expedite healing and to help resolve seemingly unrelated symptoms you or your child may be experiencing. 

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