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We help you heal.
We help you thrive.

We are a functional, integrative and holistic health and wellness clinic that partners with you on your journey to whole-person healing.

Patient Consultation
Our mission is to provide the highest quality healthcare

We use a personalized, holistic, functional medicine approach in order to promote optimal health and healing for infants, children, and adults in a caring and supportive manner.

EEG brain mapping
An integrative, functional and holistic approach to healthcare
15 health and wellness care providers who use cutting-edge healthcare approaches to get results
Committed to finding the underlying root cause behind your symptoms
A wide variety of treatment modalities to promote whole-person healing
Empathetic and judgement-free consultative approach
Accessible to every age, income, education level and ethnicity

Services & Specialties

Our practitioners are trained in, and have treated, many different diagnoses.

How We Serve You

Our comprehensive list of services is always expanding. Our goal is to provide the most progressive, effective, integrative and functional healthcare to our patients.

We offer functional medicine and functional nutrition consultations, as well as a number of standalone treatment options, such as ozone therapy, FSM, and neurotherapy.

Our providers specialize in a number of medical conditions, including but not limited to: autism, mold biotoxin illness, and Lyme disease. We have a number of modalities that can help the healing process for each condition.

We strive to make holistic healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone. Our classes offer opportunities for patients and non-patients alike to ask questions, learn techniques and discuss their specific needs and conditions.

We offer group visit packages for a number of conditions. Group visits allow us to provide multidisciplinary services for a fraction of the cost, while giving you the support of others who are on the same healing journey.

Affordable & Comprehensive Group-Healing

CARE Circles are founded on principles of Community, Accountability, Resilience, and Empowerment. By joining a CARE Circle, you are entering a high-quality, high-impact community of continuous suport, treatment and care.

Our Integrative Care Team

Our staff work collaboratively to ensure that our patients are receiving the personalized, holistic care and treatment needed to help bring about optimal health and healing.

What Our Patients are Saying

Carol F. – Autism, PANS/PANDAS, Functional Medicine Testimonial

John W. – GERD, Food Sensitivities, Weight Loss, Functional Medicine and Nutrition Testimonial

Kenzie M. – Lyme Disease, Functional Medicine Testimonial

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