Supplements and Other Products for Optimal Wellness

The quality of the supplements you take is important to your body’s ability to achieve optimal wellness. Many of the over-the-counter supplements on the market may or may not have the active forms of nutrients listed on the bottle, and others can contain allergens and toxins.

We recommend purchasing only the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade brands that utilize the highest possible standards in order to achieve optimal health and wellness.

We offer a variety of supplements on-site at Newbridge Health & Wellness. However, as an additional convenience, you are able to order supplements directly from one of our preferred vendors and receive a discount of up to 25% off when compared to the suggested retail price. Our preferred vendors are:


To order products such as Dynamic Greens and Metagenics from NutriDyn:
Go to Our Account Code is: 102520
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TriNutra Cogniben

If you’re in need of TriNutra Cogniben, we can authorize your order through FullScripts. Please give us a call at the clinic, and request a FullScripts authorization. Our Patient Care Coordinator will walk you through how to order.


If you haven’t received a Wellevate account from your Newbridge provider, please message our Patient Care Coordinator through your Patient Portal and we will be happy to get you registered
BioBotanicals Research, BioRay, Designs for Health, Integrative Therapeutics Allergy Research, Group, Kirkman, Klaire Labs, Metagenics, Nordic Naturals, Orthomolecur Products, Protocol for Life, Pure Encapsulation, Thorne Research.
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To order Spectrum Needs multivitamin from Neuroneeds
Go to Our Account Code is: NEWBRIDGE
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Berkey Filters

Our providers recommend Berkey for filtering bacteria, chlorine, flouride, and other contaminants from your water.
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Beyond Balance

The Doctor’s Supplement Store provides access to both the standard and harder to find brands and products that we frequently recommend.
Email: Call 800-332-7713 Fax your order to 707-584-0457. Provide Newbridge’s practitioners account number (BEL0002), your name, address, phone number, product and quantity desired, your credit card number with expiration date, and your provider’s name.
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Researched Nutritionals

Go to: Register a patient account and use our code: BELNP
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