Mary Flood-Maneely
Mary Flood-Maneely
Forgiveness Facilitation

Mary Flood-Maneely helps individuals and groups find and release the emotional root causes of pain and resentment through the Unconditional Forgiveness process.

Unconditional Forgiveness is a clear, reliable, step-by-step process based in psychology and spirituality that works on the emotional, mental, physical, energetic, and spiritual levels. Many people sense that there is a emotional component to physical pain or illness but don’t know how to heal past wounds, events, or relationships. In the fall of 2000, Mary was asked a pivotal question: “Is there something you need to forgive?”. And although her answer was ‘yes’, she realized that she didn’t know specifically what steps to take. Questioning ‘what does forgiving really look like?’ brought her to the Midwest Institute for Forgiveness Training in Minneapolis, MN, where she finished a one-year certificate course in the Unconditional Love and Forgiveness model in June, 2002.

After completing an additional year of apprenticeship, Mary became a trainer for the Midwest Institute for Forgiveness Training events, and began teaching classes and workshops and working with individuals on her own. She has taught the Unconditional Forgiveness model and method, in venues ranging from Hazelden Renewal Center to the Minnesota Women’s Correctional Facility (Shakopee); in religious, spiritual, and community centers; and as a guest lecturer at the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing.

Mary specializes in helping others release pain, remove obstacles, and find new possibilities. This includes releasing pain and resentments from relationships with the hope of resetting love and good will (i.e., current spouses / significant others, parents, children, friends)–and from relationships, events, situations it’s time to let go (including abuse, betrayal, dangerous or inappropriate behavior). The Unconditional Forgiveness model includes components of Forgiving Others and Self-Forgiveness. ‘Others’ can include anyone or anything that causes angst–individuals living or dead; groups; family or social systems; institutions; social, cultural, or political movements or parties; and the like.

Degrees:  B.A. in Mechanical Engineering, B.A. in Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota, 1988

Training:Certificate in Unconditional Love and Forgiveness, Midwest Institute for Forgiveness Training, Minneapolis, MN, 2002

Work Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday