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Denise Peick, OTR/L, C-SIPT, CST-T
Occupational & CranioSacral Therapy

Denise is an occupational therapist who has over 35 years of experience, treating adults and children with sensory processing disorders.

Denise Peick is our licensed Occupational and CranioSacral Therapist. Her education includes a BS in Occupational Therapy from the University of Minnesota, and she holds certifications in Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (C-SIPT) and extensive training in varied sensory based intervention techniques. She is a techniques-level certified CranioSacral Practitioner with advanced and pediatric training in CranioSacral Therapy. Her 35 year career has led her through a variety of experiences treating those with sensory processing disorders and helping them thrive. Most notably, Denise has worked as the first full time occupational therapist for the autism day treatment program at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics, where she established the occupational therapy program.

Supporting the body in its natural ability to heal itself is the focus of Denise’s healing work. For each appointment, she meets the patient where they are on that day, through listening to the body, and honoring its individual needs. Understanding and following the subtle cues that the body gives, through light, gentle touch is what helps her address the root cause of each requisite of the body. Releasing the physical and emotional trauma that builds up in the tissue and exploring what is happening organically within the body, is key to moving forward developmentally for each patient. 

Denise finds that supporting caregivers is one of the most essential parts of the journey to health. Teaching them solutions to engage and uplift the patient, and taking on a part of the burden that they may feel is where she finds she is most effective. One of her philosophies is to “teach her way out of a job” and encourage self-regulation and independence within the supporting communities of the patient. Acknowledging the unique perspectives that a caregiver may bring to the patient’s life, and helping guide the different transitions of life that may come with that, is her goal. 

She finds passion in using non-invasive techniques to enhance the sensory and developmental experiences of her patients. Improving their relationships with food, social connections, and everyday tasks whether it is through behavioral, social, or physical intentions and interventions, is the foundation of her healing. She holds special interest in how releasing restrictions in the bodily membranes can help trigger release of built up toxicity.

In her free time, Denise enjoys spending time with friends and family. She finds joy in gardening and the outdoors.

Degrees:  BS in Occupational Therapy from The Program in Occupational Therapy at The University of Minnesota

Training:CST-T, C-SIPT, MNRI training: Lifelong Reflexes, Dynamic and Postural Reflexes, Tactile Integration Protocol, Oral/Facial Reflex integration I

Work Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday