Can’t Sleep Through the Night? 10 Reasons for Poor Sleep

Sleepless woman wondering why she can't sleep through the night

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling like a complete zombie? Or perhaps throughout the entire night, you managed to get a total of 10 minutes of sleep – or at least that’s how it felt. Well, the fact is, millions of people toss and turn each night and can’t seem to get […]

Brain Foods: The Best Foods for Energy and Focus

Woman eating food that is good for the brain

While most of us are familiar with the phrase “you are what you eat,” the truth behind this statement goes much deeper than most people realize. It speaks to the physiological effects that the foods we choose to eat support or cause in our bodies. And if you’re eating foods that aren’t supporting your health, […]

10 Signs You Have Chronic Inflammation (And Why It Matters)

Woman leaning over in pain from chronic inflammation

Inflammation is never a fun experience no matter what part of the body it affects. But if you have chronic inflammation, this can be a sign of serious and significant health conditions. With chronic inflammation, the potential for significant and debilitating health conditions increases. And the effects of chronic inflammation will linger persistently – leaving […]

Is Intermittent Fasting Good for You? 5 Surprising Benefits

Person doing intermittent fasting and eating a salad next to an alarm clock

Intermittent fasting has been a popular phrase for the last several years in the weight-loss space. It’s also a go-to diet routine for many millennials and has been trending for quite a while. But the question remains, is intermittent fasting good for you? Well, you may be surprised to learn that there are many potential […]

How the Functional Medicine Approach Can Help With Managing Long-Haul COVID Symptoms

Woman with long haul COVID walking and wearing a mask.

Across the world, even two years beyond the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a subset of COVID patients who have persistent symptoms lasting over the course of many months. And as these cases are still being studied and evaluated by scientists, pathologists, and medical professionals, little is known as to why certain individuals […]

How Does Nutrition Affect Your Mental Health?

Family cooking and enjoying healthy nutritious food that benefits their mental health

Virtually everyone has had some type of mental health issue at some time in their lives. However, some mental problems can be long lasting or severe. By looking at the biochemistry of your brain and body, you can gain an understanding of how nutrition affects your mental health. Then, with the right nutritional plan, you […]

How To Speed Up the Recovery Process with IV Nutritional Therapy

Nurse prepping IV nutritional therapy bag

The occasional all-nighter with friends or coworkers can make for a tough morning, especially if you have to get up and go to work. And while researching hangover remedies during your early morning recovery, you might have come across intravenous (IV) nutritional therapy as a possible solution. But you should know that this remedy offers […]

The 4 Most Common Autoimmune Disorders in Children

Mother checks sick child’s temperature who has an autoimmune disorder

Kids have it pretty tough these days. And if you think about it, life moves pretty fast when you’re young. Before you know it, you’ve gone from playing with blocks to solving math problems in grade school – then suddenly, you’re an adult with a pile of bills and responsibilities. Childhood may hold some of […]

Are There Microplastics in Your Food?

Scallops with microplastics in them

Humans have become increasingly reliant on synthetic materials, and because of how they are derived, and that they are made to last, these materials remain in the environment. Durability is great, but it’s really hard for these materials to break down, meaning they have infiltrated almost every area of our lives and our ecosystems. As […]

6 Ways Neurotherapy Can Help Kids With Cognition and Emotional Health

Little girl hugging her mom after getting neurotherapy

Being a kid isn’t easy, but it’s especially challenging for those growing up with a condition that affects their everyday life or development. Modern medicine is a wonderful thing, and it can help diagnose certain conditions such as autism early on, but it doesn’t always have the answers. At the end of the day, no […]