Is Autism Genetic? Understanding Environmental Factors in Developing Autism

Child with Autism Playing; environment factors in developing autism

Understanding the causes of autism can be a difficult thing. And although there are tests to help determine if your child has autism, parents often have to be the ones to recognize the signs. Some disorders may not show until later when environmental factors trigger symptoms that reveal your child may have a neurodevelopmental disorder. […]

Three Common Misconceptions about Functional Medicine

Functional medicine

For many, functional medicine is an unknown territory in healthcare. But its benefits can often be the turning point for patients with chronic and/or complex health issues. Here are three common misconceptions about this type of care, and why functional medicine can help patients. #1: You don’t have time for this.It’s true, functional medicine is […]

Can PANDAS Be Treated Without Medication? A Guide for Parents

A functional medicine doctor treats a child with PANDAS without medication

When your child is sick, it can often be stressful for you as a parent. You may not know exactly what is wrong or the best way to help your child. And while you may know to take them to the doctor, you may not want to use medications to fix the problem.  One health […]

Why Do Only Some People Get Sick From Mold Exposure?

Patient talking to their doctor about mold biotoxin illness

Mold biotoxin illness can sometimes be difficult to detect. Some people may not realize that the cause of their pain or illness is mold exposure. Mold biotoxin illness can affect several areas of your body and shares symptoms with many other related conditions, which can make it hard to pinpoint the exact cause. You might […]

Basic Principles for detoxing every day

Detoxification is a common topic in functional medicine and for good reason. Every day we are bombarded with toxins by way of our daily routines – from eating, to cleaning, to breathing, to merely existing in this world. While we can’t avoid them completely, there are some basic steps we can take to help our […]

What is a “Leaky” Gut? (And why does it matter?)

“Leaky gut,” also known as increased intestinal permeability, is a digestive condition where food particles, bacteria, and toxins “leak” through the intestinal wall. This happens when the tight junctions of the gut lining become loose and substances pass through it, causing issues for the entire body – including the immune system. This can lead to problems like food sensitivities, autoimmunity, chronic fatigue, […]

How to Reduce Your EMF and RF Exposure

Woman wearing white holding her phone

The human body operates on electrical energy, or bio-electric energy, relying on the complex, yet carefully balanced, systems for all functions. There’s constant communication between our cells, tissues, organ systems, and of course, our minds. A key part of the conductive “superhighways” are electrolytes, which regulate our nerves, muscle function, our hydration status, blood pH, […]

Sleeping Tips for Optimal Wellness

Half of a bed with white linens and windows with cream curtains

Sleep is a vital part of overall well-being, and nearly everyone can relate to feelings of fatigue from lack of sleep. Although it may seem like you can grab a cup of coffee and catch up on sleep over a weekend or your next day off, there are significant implications regarding the lack of adequate, […]

Autism Awareness Day

Boy in green coat standing next to a tree and touching it

Happy World Autism Awareness Day!  President Barack Obama stated today that “Every person deserves the chance to reach for their highest hopes and fulfill their greatest potential. On World Autism Awareness Day, we reaffirm our dedication to ensuring that belief is a reality for all those who live on the autism spectrum ‑‑ including 1 in 68 […]

Preventing Lyme Disease & Treating It Early

A dirt path leading through a forest of pine trees

Ticks can feed not only on deer, but also potentially on urban animals like squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons and other critters. Ticks in MN have a higher risk of carrying Lyme Disease and other co-infections, so if you or your child is bitten by a tick, there is a higher risk of developing Lyme Disease as […]