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Autism Awareness Day
Happy World Autism Awareness Day!  President Barack Obama stated today that “Every person deserves...
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Recipe: Veggie Tater Tots
Ingredients For The Tots: 1 egg, beaten 1 cup of raw vegetables, riced, grated or food processed. Mix...
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What is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and how do I treat it?
During winter, it’s not uncommon to feel less energetic and motivated. Whether due to the colder weather...
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Does Organic Really Matter?
With the organic market expanding and Amazon purchasing Whole Foods, the benefits of organic vs non-organic...
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Climate Change: How it Affects You and What You Can Do
We get everything we need to sustain life, including our air, water, and food, from our environment....
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How to Reduce Your EMF and RF Exposure
The human body operates on electrical energy, or bio-electric energy, relying on the complex, yet carefully...
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Methylation: What is it and Why is it Important?
If you’re already following health and wellness blogs or health and wellness professionals on social...
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9 Reasons to See a Functional and Integrative Dietitian
Everything you eat has a chance to either nourish you or potentially harm you. Research and experience...
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Tragedy, Stress and Eating: Nourishing Ourselves in the Midst of it All
By:  Functional Nutritionist, Leann Larson Social unrest and the COVI19 pandemic can feel heavy. We all...
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The Difference Between Biological and Traditional Dentistry
Biological dentistry is not necessarily a new specialty in oral medicine. Instead, practicing dentists...
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