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Can’t Sleep Through the Night? 10 Reasons for Poor Sleep
Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling like a complete zombie? Or perhaps throughout the entire...
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Brain Foods: The Best Foods for Energy and Focus
While most of us are familiar with the phrase “you are what you eat,” the truth behind this statement...
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10 Signs You Have Chronic Inflammation (And Why It Matters)
Inflammation is never a fun experience no matter what part of the body it affects. But if you have chronic...
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Is Intermittent Fasting Good for You? 5 Surprising Benefits
Intermittent fasting has been a popular phrase for the last several years in the weight-loss space. It’s...
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How the Functional Medicine Approach Can Help With Managing Long-Haul COVID Symptoms
Across the world, even two years beyond the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a subset of COVID...
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How Does Nutrition Affect Your Mental Health?
Virtually everyone has had some type of mental health issue at some time in their lives. However, some...
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How To Speed Up the Recovery Process with IV Nutritional Therapy
The occasional all-nighter with friends or coworkers can make for a tough morning, especially if you...
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The 4 Most Common Autoimmune Disorders in Children
Kids have it pretty tough these days. And if you think about it, life moves pretty fast when you’re young....
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Are There Microplastics in Your Food?
Humans have become increasingly reliant on synthetic materials, and because of how they are derived,...
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6 Ways Neurotherapy Can Help Kids With Cognition and Emotional Health
Being a kid isn’t easy, but it’s especially challenging for those growing up with a condition that affects...
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Is Autism Genetic? Understanding Environmental Factors in Developing Autism
Understanding the causes of autism can be a difficult thing. And although there are tests to help determine...
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Three Common Misconceptions about Functional Medicine
For many, functional medicine is an unknown territory in healthcare. But its benefits can often be the...
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