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Has Newbridge Helped in Your Journey to Wellness?

Kenzie M. – Lyme Disease – Functional Medicine Testimonial

Victoria G. – Autism, PANS/PANDAS, IBS, Seizure Disorder – Functional Medicine Testimonial

Carol F. – Yeast, Allergies, Autism, PANS/PANDAS – Functional Medicine Testimonial

Megan H. – Gastroschisis – Functional Medicine and Nutrition Testimonial

Renae J. – Lyme Disease – Functional Medicine and Nutrition Testimonial

Kitty F. – Lyme Disease – Functional Medicine Testimonial

Betsy L. – PANS/PANDAS, Lyme Disease, Encephalitis – Functional Medicine Testimonial

John W. – GERD, Weight Loss, Food Sensitivities – Functional Medicine and Nutrition Testimonial

Newbridge has changed our lives! My son had a difficult birth, but was a “normal baby”… As he grew he became sensitive to social situations and had a significant speech delay. Eventually, he was evaluated by our school district and the school psychologist came to our house, telling us he was autistic.


We saw Stephanie in March of 2015 and he began to change immediately. We removed dairy and gluten and instantly he became more present. Stephanie recommended an occupational therapist, and she has worked wonders, social situations have improved dramatically. It has been a lot of work but we have seen so much progress.


The most drastic improvement we have seen has come from the immunotherapy we began in May of 2017. Within a week of taking it, school reported he had his best week communicating of the entire year. Words cannot express that appreciation and gratitude I have for all the help that Newbridge has given our family. It takes a lot of dedication, persistence, and patience to implement some of the plans – but the rewards are beyond worth it.”



After having two children with special needs, one with Autism and one with severe ADHD, my husband and I were super nervous when considering having another baby, since we knew that we were at a much higher risk of having another child with neurodevelopmental or learning and behavior issues, especially with me being older…


We met with Stephanie and worked on a plan to get healthier ourselves, long before conceiving our next baby, and it really paid off. We did things so differently ourselves and with our third child, before conception, during pregnancy, her birth, breastfeeding, infancy and toddlerhood. She is now the happiest and healthiest toddler in the world, totally normal (even advanced compared to the other kids in her ECFE class), well-nourished, calm, bright, and thriving more than we ever thought possible.


Nicole E.

This is the first clinic that has provided true healing and improvement for Micah and his autism. We couldn’t be happier. His developmental pediatrician told us that there wasn’t much we could do to help him… After meeting with Stephanie and changing his diet, helping his gut heal, supporting him nutritionally, and treating his underlying issues, he is an entirely new kid.


He became potty trained, started talking, he is alert and present with us for the first time in his life, he can now attend and focus for much longer periods of time, and he is finally learning in school. His therapists and teachers were amazed by his transformation and kept asking us what we were doing.


Before Newbridge, Micah made only 3 months worth of progress in 1 year, but after starting with Newbridge, he made 1 years worth of progress in only 3 months. Thank you Stephanie! We will be forever indebted to Newbridge and your wonderful care!


Melanie H.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Rachel Wood. I met with her for the first time yesterday to discuss a nutrition plan as we seek to naturally support ADHD, and she is phenomenal. What a wealth of knowledge and talent you have in her, and as a member of your team. I am beyond impressed.

After years of going to doctor after doctor and not getting better, I can’t thank Dr. Dolan enough for helping me figure out what was wrong with me, treating my gut, methylation and detox issues and underlying infections, and for helping me feel better than I have in years. I now have energy to go to work and play with my kids, my joint and muscle pain is gone, and I am now sleeping through the night. I have my life back. You are incredible!


Michael V.

I just want to thank you for all you do… The staff are all so warm and welcoming, and always go the extra mile… Stephanie is so great with kids and she is so incredibly knowledgeable! My son has improved so much under her care, and his sensory issues are so much better. Thanks for all you’ve done to help him!



I wanted to share our news that Caitlyn arrived this past Friday night. Everything went better than I ever expected and I was able to deliver as I hoped at the birth center. After tearing horribly with Carson last time, I didn’t need a single stitch this time, and all of my bodily functions are intact! I am so very glad I was able to avoid the c-section route that was recommended by the doctor who delivered Carson. We went home from the birth center 4 hours after delivering. I feel better now than I did even 6 weeks after having Carson. Breastfeeding is going well and I am so grateful for you all. Thanks for all of your guidance and support always!



Woodbury, MN

Sadie is doing great! Her stools are healthy and she is going every day! She has had NO stomach aches since we were last in. She is thriving. She has had no staining in her underpants, no urinary tract infections, and no smelly urine at all (after 2 years of dealing with this!). I don’t think I’ve expressed enough the amount of gratitude we have for you helping us when no one else could. You’ve made a priceless impact of the life of Sadie and our entire family. I’ll be forever indebted to you for this. THANK YOU for doing what you do!



After we reviewed our test results and had our appointment, I convinced my husband that we should go cold turkey and take Alex off of the foods Stephanie recommended, do our best to get him outside everyday for exercise, and start the supplements she recommended about 6 weeks ago… His stomach aches are gone, he no longer is wetting the bed, the dark circles under his eyes are lighter, his eczema is clearing up, and he wasn’t in the red zone a single day in the past week at school for behavior! He is much less clingy with me, and drop off at school has been a breeze the last couple of weeks. His teacher asked if we put him on medication, because he now can stay in his seat more than ever before, and has been much less intrusive and touchy with other kids. Even his handwriting has improved.


Aimee B.

Our daughter had Ulcerative Colitis symptoms starting age 5, and we started seeing Stephanie shortly before our daughter’s 7th birthday… Through Stephanie, we had comprehensive stool/blood/urine testing done which were VERY helpful IMHO… Over this time (2 years) our daughter’s health has continued to improve – it’s currently been about 4 months since the last visible trace of blood in stools occurred! Lord-willing, if we can continue the gut-healing approaches through Stephanie (diet/supplements), our daughter will eventually not need the sulfasalazine prescription.


Maple Grove, MN

Josh did for me what 15 treatments of physical therapy 8 treatments of chiropratic care couldn’t, as he nursed me back to health. Over the course of twelve months of treatments, I found out I had enlarged lymph nodes. Josh’s expertise, compassion and heart felt concern helped me recover from the after affects of a biopsy gone wrong. He helped relieve the numbness resulting for nerve damage and increased the mobility in my arm. I consider Josh the utmost professional who I now call friend. He is a healer extraordinaire, hands down. Run, don’t walk, if you need the healing which Josh is clearly gifted with.



Josh Marrow is a miracle worker as far as I am concerned. Each time I see him, the benefits are astonishing. Dr. Marrow’s treatments have had significantly positive effects, or have cured (for me anyway): menapausal hot flashes, night sweats, acid reflux, insomnia, orthopedic ankle issues, insect bites, headaches, stress, did I mention stress? Lots of stress. Fatigue, tension, psychological blocks, and other minor ailments too numerous to mention. I highly recommend the services of Joshua Marrow to one and all. The benefits of acupuncture are miraculous. Dr. Marrow is an outstanding physician, explains everything so there are no mysteries, and is an absolutely amazing human being. He is also just plain old nice.



I initially went to see Mr Marrow for sinusitis, however, after seeing a dramatic improvement in that condition, I continued to see him for other health issues. His holistic model, which involves asking detailed questions about my diet, sleep habits and stress level, was ideally suited to treating my other health problems.



I’ve been dealing with a chronic health condition for the past decade. I have been working at Newbridge with FSM practitioner, Mackenzie Yurich, and emotional spiritual care provider, Catherine Duncan on the DNRS protocol and learning to reframe negative thinking patterns and, for the first time, I have hope. My mind is clear and I have hope that I will get better for the first time in years. Thank you.


Renae J.

I was in a bad car accident about a year ago, resulting in a broken sternum. The pain that was supposed to disappear after time just never stopped. Up until I met Denise, I had never heard of CranioSacral Therapy, and went into it that way… with an open mind. My first session with Denise, I felt immediate relief that lasted. Since I have seen her, my constant pain is gone and has been for months. I would highly recommend CranioSacral Therapy to anyone with problems, big or small.