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Sydnie Gutzmann
Medical Scribe
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Sydnie Gutzmann aims to strengthen the provider-patient bond and truly enhance the healing process with her attentiveness and thoughtfulness.

Sydnie Gutzmann is our Medical Scribe and Certified Nursing Assistant. She is a graduate of Drake University with a B.S. in Biochemistry, Cell, and Molecular Biology, and is now working towards her nursing degree at Rasmussen College. Sydnie also completed her CNA training at Century Community College, and her background includes working as a CNA at Mill Pond Presbyterian Homes and a Home Health Aide at Iowa Home Care. She also completed two years of research on endocrine disrupting chemicals at Drake University, and additional research on lead toxicity as a Pediatric Research Intern at the University of Nebraska Medical Center under the Chair of Pediatrics, Dr. Arwa Nasir. These research experiences were where she became interested in the underlying causes of illness and the relationship between environmental toxins and health. · · With almost two years of being at Newbridge, Sydnie is well versed in the Newbridge approach to functional and integrative care, and understands the importance of the whole-body connection between the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional state of being. In each visit, she aims to help strengthen the provider-patient bond and truly enhance the healing process both in the clinic and working remote while being a full-time nursing student. Her focus for each appointment is detail oriented, and her objective is always to meet the needs of the provider and patient through meticulously written comprehensive reports. · · Sydnie is passionate about women’s and reproductive health, and hopes to specialize in Integrative Women’s health in the future as a Nurse Practitioner. Her main focus is fertility, but her interest extends to hormones, the gut-brain connection, and endocrine disrupting chemicals, all of which play into interconnections and the interdependence within the body. She also hopes to explore how nature can supplement conventional approaches to healing, especially through herbals, essential oils, and foods. · · In her free time, Sydnie enjoys being outdoors and active, especially through yoga. She loves to be with friends and family, takes pleasure in cooking, and loves to experiment with essential oils!

Specialty Medical Scribe
Degrees B.S. in Biochemistry, Cell, and Molecular Biology
Training Certified Nursing Assistant
Work Days Tuesday Thursday