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Eleanor Turrell
Medical Scribe
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Eleanor is a Frequency-Specific Microcurrent and IASIS technician, and Medical Scribe with a passion for physics. She looks to unite her physics background and medicinal experience through locating the balance of energy in the body

Eleanor Turrell is our Frequency Specific Microcurrent technician, IASIS provider, Technology Support Specialist, and Medical Scribe. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bard College Annandale with a B.A. in Physics in 2017, and her wide range of studies include the Alexander technique, dance therapy, and art therapy. As a student, she finished her thesis project in Astrophysics, with her two topics being Exoplanetary Gravitational Microlensing and Radio Interferometry. She was also a research assistant, participated in the Bard Prison Initiative, was a member of the National Honor Society, and won the Rotary Youth Leadership award. · · Her medical experience includes taking Medical Scribe training at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, and working as a Medical Scribe and Clinical Assistant with Emergency Care Consultants. Other training, such as IASIS Certification, helps to shape the way she practices today. Her focus with each patient is to help them discover their inner self, and seeks to empower them to take charge of their own health. · · Eleanor is fascinated by the role of joy in therapeutic restoration, and seeks to bring fun and expression into her healing. She is drawn to finding the truth of the human experience, and what it truly means to support another person in health and life. Her goal in practice is to create a safe space where patients feel heard, and she finds significance in respecting and valuing diversity and individual differences. Eleanor is also deeply invested in the interconnectedness of one’s social framework and how the socio-emotional facets of life are crucial to well-being. She believes that relationships through every walk of life contribute to the overall core of being and she seeks to establish a common ground through celebrating our unique perspectives. · · Additionally, Eleanor is fiercely passionate about supporting expecting and new mothers, Birthwork, and her vigor for women’s health will lead her to complete Doula certification training in the fall of 2020, and she hopes to bring her expertise to our clinic. She is also captivated by the role of posture, and how it can influence the way energy flows through our body. She looks to unite her physics background and medicinal experience through locating the balance of energy in the body, often through her interest in Occupational Therapy based movements. Non-invasive/simple therapies are of prime interest to Eleanor, and she finds that often, the most simple solutions can have the greatest impact if you have the right intention. · · In her free time, Eleanor enjoys sailing, spending time with friends, and playing soccer. She loves to cook and try new foods, and finds joy in listening to music.

Specialty Medical Scribe
Degrees B.A. in Physics
Training Frequency Specific Microcurrent Training, IASIS Certification, Medical Scribe at Abott Northwestern, Clinical Assistant with Emergency Care Consultants
Work Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

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