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  • Daily access to all the Rejuvenation & Detox Spa Therapies
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  • 10% off all IV drips, IM injections & IV boosts
  • 10% off all Supplements & Tinctures 
  • Free Healthy Recipe PDF (Gluten & Dairy free options)
  • 15% off on Wholesale & Affiliate Therapy products


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Read through and Sign our Terms & Agreements. & Auto Pay will automatically be set up upon starting. 

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Let Newbridge know through a phone call or in person. After a 30 days of notification, the membership will cancel.

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  • Activate your Rejuvenation & Detox Spa Membership – Read & sign Terms & Conditions, Autopay will be set up automatically.
  • Receive the Healthy Recipe PDF & a Welcome email explaining how all the therapies are utilized, how to book IV’s and wellness classes, and Order supplements and Wholesale & Affiliate Therapy products.
  • Book the Rejuvenation & Detox Spa Therapies online – Auto emails for appointment confirmation & reminder.

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