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Kris Kniefel
Functional Medicine Health Coach

Kris Kniefel, national board certified health coach, trained as a Functional Medicine Health Coach and certified health coach in the Bredeson protocol.  

In addition to supporting clients at Newbridge, Kris also teaches courses at the Whole Health Institute, mentors students in the Whole Health Course at the Veterans Administration, and teaches nutrition classes.  

Kris has been steeped in the concept of Food as Medicine for over 10 years and educating and supporting clients to make changes in their food and seeing the impact on their health.  Clients often seek out the support of a Health Coach when they are stuck in moving forward in their treatment plan, want accountability to keep moving forward, aren’t sure where to go next, or just want a partner in making changes in their life.   

Kris has expertise and training in Mind-Body Medicine, Self Compassion, and mindfulness, in addition to years of functional medicine seminars and learning.   Kris’ passion is in helping people feel empowered to make changes in their lifestyle to optimize their health.   Kris likes to support clients in developing lifestyle habits that support their optimal health, i.e. stress reduction, sleep, diet, movement, and healthy relationships, and prioritize self-care.   And, to take realistic, small steps to create and sustain movement forward in their health.  

Clients describe the benefit of health coaching in words such as validating, empowering, giving “Permission” to focus on self-care, and being motivated to keep moving forward on habit changes.  

In her free time, Kris finds joy in being in nature – walking, hiking, biking, paddleboarding.  And, traveling and exploring.   She loves entertaining friends and family and enjoying the community of sharing meals together.  

Degrees: Kris has a Bachelors of Science from Minnesota State University, Mankato, and a masters of art from the University of Minnesota.

Training:  She has certifications in Health Coaching from the University of Minnesota and Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.  

Work Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday