Functional, Integrative, and Holistic Health Classes

Part of our mission is to offer accessible holistic healthcare, which is why we offer classes on a range of topics. Attend a class instead of making an appointment, or in addition to your provider visits.

All of our classes are available to attend via Zoom Video Conferencing at this time. You will receive a Zoom meeting invite before the class date.

Classes we offer at Newbridge


Identify the core factors in behavioral and nutritional sensitivities/allergies through electro dermal screening to achieve balance and harmony for those with the challenges of ADHD, Autism, PANS/PANDAS and other chronic health conditions

Detox Class​

Do you just want to learn about ways to help your body get rid of unwanted toxins or to prevent exposure in the first place? Toxins surround us, from the personal hygiene and cleaning products we use, to the toxins we breathe from industrial/automotive pollution.

Functional Medicine Class

This class will cover the basics of Functional Medicine, including lifestyle changes that you can begin today! We will talk about what to expect as you begin your journey with Newbridge, as well as the role of a health coach in your health journey.