Group Visits

Affordable and Accessible Functional Medicine Group Visits

We offer group visit packages for a number of conditions. Group visits allow us to provide services for a fraction of the cost, while giving you the support of others who are on the same healing journey.

Group Visit Package Information

Newbridge Health & Wellness has staff who are experts in treating a number of conditions through a multidisciplinary approach. We’ve created a comprehensive package of services for groups with similar conditions to participate in together. Our group visit packages were created based on several years of successful treatments and are made possible by Newbridge’s wide range of services curated to help our patients heal and thrive. We’re excited to offer these packages in an affordable and accessible way, so you can heal with others who have similar concerns.

Each group is defined for a specific amount of time, usually 6-12 months. The price varies by group, but will usually be 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost of individual visits.

The group visit package can be paid in full, or a monthly payment plan can be utilized. We submit your paid bill for group visits to private insurance as a courtesy if you wish. Reimbursement from your insurance company will depend on your out of network benefits.

Group Visits

Group Visits Offered



Bredesen Protocol/Alzheimer’s/Dementia



Gastrointestinal Issues/Gut Health


Lyme Disease (starting soon)


Weight Loss

Group Visits start every time we have enough people to create a cohort.

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