Webinar: Intro to EEG and Neurofeedback

EEG and Neurofeedback

Neurological conditions can make living a normal life difficult, if not impossible. Whether you or your child suffer from a chronic neurological disorder, head injury, or mental illness, finding the right treatment can be time consuming and expensive.

At Newbridge, we’ve found that neurotherapy, including electroencephalogram (EEG), neurofeedback and neurostimulation is a life-changing tool in measuring and rewiring brain activity.

We’ve seen great success with a number of conditions, including: ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Concussion, Head Injuries, Migraines, OCD, Mental Health Disorders, and more.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What EEG, neurofeedback and neurostimulation are
  • How we can retrain the brain to act how we want it to
  • The story of a Newbridge patient who saw huge results with neurotherapy
  • And much more!

Access our free on-demand webinar, “Intro to EEG and Neurofeedback”

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