Forgiveness Facilitation

Holding negative emotions inside can become a roadblock to achieving full health and healing. The practice of forgiveness can not only improve your emotional and spiritual health, but make way for physical healing, as well. We use the Unconditional Forgiveness model, which is based on psychology and spirituality, to help you come to terms with, and release negative emotions surrounding a person, event or expectation, that may be holding you back from optimal health. Forgiveness allows you to be free and at peace with your life. Our Forgiveness Facilitator can meet with you one-on-one to discuss your challenges and walk you through the Unconditional Forgiveness model in accordance with your life. 

What is the Unconditional Forgiveness Model?"

The unconditional forgiveness model is an eight-step method to reaching peace and releasing suffering through forgiveness.

Step 1: State Your Will to Make a Change

Step 2: Express Your Feelings

Step 3: Release Expectations One by One

Step 4: Restore Your Boundaries

Step 5: Open up to Get Your Needs Met in a different way

Step 6: Receive Healing Energy from Spirit

Step 7: Send Good Will / Unconditional Love to the Other Person

Step 8: See the Good in the Person or Situation

Your Forgiveness Facilitator will guide you through the eight steps, and help you on your way to forgiveness, health and healing.

Conditions Forgiveness Facilitation Can Help Treat

  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Physical Pain
  • Resentment
  • Addiction

Our Forgiveness Facilitator

Mary Flood-Maneely
Mary Flood-Maneely
Forgiveness Facilitation
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