Detox Class

Class Description:

Our Detox class examines what toxins are and how the body accumulates them. Attendees
learn to identify common symptoms that may be linked to toxin overload, and what at-home
strategies can naturally support the detoxification process. The presentation also includes
information about diagnostic options that help providers determine what toxins may be at play in
a patient’s health. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions at the end of the class.

Topics Covered:

  • The physiology of toxin exposure in our bodies
  • Environmental sources of toxins including food, water, air and more.
  • The definitions of detoxification and drainage, and how these two processes are
    essential for clearing out toxins
  • At-home strategies for promoting detoxification naturally
  • Diagnostic tools and treatment options used by providers

Common Attendee Questions:

  • Could my symptoms be caused by toxins?
  • I have never been exposed to a large amount of toxins at once. Could I still be at risk for
    toxin overload?
  • How does a provider determine if/what toxins are playing a role in my health issues?
  • Does my diet matter?
  • What can I do on my own to minimize toxin exposure?
  • Can toxins affect pregnancy?