Our Favorite Resources for Staying at Home

Our Favorite Resources

From working at home to not taking vacations, everyone’s had to get a little more creative with how they spend their time. Here are a few of our favorite resources that we recommend to help you learn something new and provide enrichment during your hours spent at home. Leann Larson Integrative and Functional Dietitian In […]

Spring: A Time for Forgiveness

Spring Time for Forgiveness

Across cultures, this is a great time of year to do the inner work of preparing for new growth & new life with the coming of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere!), and the celebrations of Easter, Passover, and Ramadan to name a few. A significant part of that inner work is letting go of the […]

Finding the Life Within Dying

man lying down with eyes closed

Sitting up in his bed, Bill gave me a faint smile as I entered. He had lost the ability to talk due to ALS. He communicated to people by looking into a computer screen that then spoke his words. As I came up to the side of his bed and offered greetings, he said via […]

How I Learned Mindfulness

Woman walking along the beach at sunset

Sitting on the couch, petting my cat Chaz, I felt the sun streaming in through the window. I felt Chaz’s silky fur run through my hands and the warmth of the sunlight shining on my face. In that moment, I was okay. My mind wandered back to the last week and how sick I had […]

Trust: Letting Go of Control

Shadowy man standing in sunset

Jack was my first boss in the corporate advertising world, and back in the early nineties he was a master salesman, gifted manager, and wonderful sales trainer. I attribute my successful sales and marketing career to him. Just as my life has gone in a much different direction since Jack and I worked together, so […]

Trust Your Internal Guidance: Inner Sights

Man standing on top of a mountain as the sun rises with arms outstretched

Not long after leaving my corporate job and joining my husband’s start-up internet company, I was sitting in a conference room, and next thing I knew, I was watching many sets of animal eyes floating around the room. I was not alarmed. I was curious. I thought, “Wow, what the heck is this?” Afterward, I […]

Climate Change: How it Affects You and What You Can Do

Windmills in a field at sunset

We get everything we need to sustain life, including our air, water, and food, from our environment. Even slight changes in the environment can cause noticeable changes in our air quality, water safety, food supply, and our ecosystem. Unfortunately, changes to our environment can implicate our health and well being. Understanding, monitoring, and responding to […]

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Woman in all black touching her pregnant stomach

Deciding to have a baby is a major life decision, and with it can come feelings of excitement, anticipation, nervousness, and many others. In fact, many people believe that pregnancy is a miracle in itself due to the intricate and magnificent changes a woman’s body undergoes to sustain the growth and health of a new […]

Trust Your Internal Guidance – Part One: The Body

Person stretching in the sunset

Growing up, I was often told that I was “too sensitive.” I could walk into a room and feel all the emotions of everyone there. I remember that when my dad would come home from work, sit down, and have a martini, I felt stressed, anxious and uneasy, and I would wonder why. When my […]

What is Self-Regulation?

Teenager looking out the window

Self-regulation is one’s own ability (self) to control (regulate) his/her thoughts, emotions and physical responses. In other words, to do things by yourself, and for yourself, to maintain good health, make good choices, enhance performance and manage emotions. “Healing consists only in allowing, causing or bringing to bear those things or forces for getting better […]