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Climate Change: How it Affects You and What You Can Do
We get everything we need to sustain life, including our air, water, and food, from our environment....
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The Link Between Diet, Inflammation and Weight Gain
In many places today, we have convenient and quick access to a variety of processed foods, sugary beverages,...
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What are GMOs? And How to Avoid Them
The very definition of nutrition is the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health...
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Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy
Deciding to have a baby is a major life decision, and with it can come feelings of excitement, anticipation,...
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Trust Your Internal Guidance - Part One: The Body
Growing up, I was often told that I was “too sensitive.” I could walk into a room and feel all the emotions...
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What is Self-Regulation?
Self-regulation is one’s own ability (self) to control (regulate) his/her thoughts, emotions and physical...
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9 Reasons to See a Functional and Integrative Dietitian
Everything you eat has a chance to either nourish you or potentially harm you. Research and experience...
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Trust: Lessons from Those at the End of Life
As a hospice chaplain, I’ve had the privilege of companioning hundreds of patients at the end of their...
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The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting
While fasting has been around for eons, it has recently gained a resurgence in popularity and for good...
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How a Near-Death Experience Put Me on the Right Path
Whitewater rafting in level III rapids in Costa Rica, I was thrown overboard. Despite my life vest, I...
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What is EFT Tapping and How Does it Work?
When we’re not feeling our best, we do just about anything we can to help our bodies recover. Perhaps...
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How A Childhood Cancer Diagnosis Taught Me to Trust the Unseen
I don’t remember the exact moment that I turned to God and prayer, but I do remember what my first prayer...
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