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Recipe: Gluten-Free Rolls
Sometimes you just need a little comfort food! Mix up these ooey-gooey, gluten-free rolls and top with...
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Webinar: Natural Treatment and Prevention for Alzheimer's, Dementia and Memory Problems
Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia and memory problems/impairment are on the rise. This is alarming,...
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Recipe: Ham and Egg Cups
These protein-packed, ham and egg cups are not your traditional muffin, but they are packed with protein...
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Recipe: Healthy Gummy Bears
We love these yummy, flavorful, healthy gummies and we’re sure your kids will too! Make them into...
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Our Favorite Resources for Staying at Home
From working at home to not taking vacations, everyone’s had to get a little more creative with...
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Spring: A Time for Forgiveness
Across cultures, this is a great time of year to do the inner work of preparing for new growth &...
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Webinar: Intro to Frequency-Specific Microcurrent
Frequency-Specific Microcurrent can shorten healing time for many pain and mental health-related conditions....
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Webinar: Intro to EEG and Neurofeedback
Neurological conditions can make living a normal life difficult, if not impossible. Whether you or your...
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Finding the Life Within Dying
Sitting up in his bed, Bill gave me a faint smile as I entered. He had lost the ability to talk due to...
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Methylation: What is it and Why is it Important?
If you’re already following health and wellness blogs or health and wellness professionals on social...
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How I Learned Mindfulness
Sitting on the couch, petting my cat Chaz, I felt the sun streaming in through the window. I felt Chaz’s...
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Using Forgiveness for Better Physical Health
While forgiving ourselves or others often seems like a good idea or even the ‘right’ thing to do, there...
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